CB (saturday 7th of august 1993 / birmingham)

Hidden Feelings

On my own feeling lonely,
Tension building up inside,
Hurting deep down,
And trying to hide,
All the sadness within,
From the people who cared,
Not knowing how to explain,
The thoughts in my head,
So I blocked everyone out,
It was for the best,
I put on a smile,
So that no-one would guess,
That at home in my room,
I would cry on the floor,
But the tears didnt help,
I needed a cure,
So I picked up my razor,
And thought of self-harm,
Then slashed at my wrist,
Made blood pour from my arm,
It was a release,
From my tension and pain,
The feelings flowed out,
With the blood from my vains,
The flesh on my wrist,
Was torn and was red,
But then I felt better,
For clearing my head,
From all the emotion,
Which was locked deep inside,
Now its only the scars,
That Im trying to hide...

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