You try to Hide as if I dont see, You want to hold back
as if you cant Breathe, You say you dont deserve me,
You think you will fall short, only to end up hurting me,
God has led you to me, In you your heart slumbers,
Waiting to have a Beginning, Seems everytime its
Awakened or fusioned by another potential being, Hurt and disappoinment cause the Heart to freeze back up, but 2x thicker.
Substantially, you want us to be together but the frost appears to
be to stodgy, to wrapped up to prevent anymore pieces from being
taken from the puzzle, I want to coalescate your heart back into one,
I want you to trust me with your heart but,
O but you cant, you want to follow your heart but,
your heart has failed you in the past when you turned to it,
turned to it for truth, meaning, and feeling, only to be failed
time and time again.
As much as you want to, always the thought Lingers,
What if this isnt true, just a replica of the past,
just a repeat of sorrow and disappointment,
When I feel you and hear your voice, it trembles,
it projects such a strong aura that only some people can see,
You yourself are even unaware, oblivious to your own potential.
But rest assure, I see, I see, you cant hide your aura from one who
sees his own aura and observes you with interest.
I see myself within you, we are alike, equivalent in the same
manner, you dont have to run anymore, when your ready to
stop running im but a heart dial away, all you have to do is
see your hidden heart threw the stodgy Ice that enshrouds it.

by Aric Liddell

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