AH (08-10-1984 / Australia)

Hidden Heart

Pure fear from the heart
Is like no other feeling
The fear of another break
A fear my mind cannot take
This world so empty of love
So full of pain
Beyond all the fear
Beyond the scars already there
Beyond the mental torment
Beyond the fading soul
A heart so broken
Never thought could love
Yet still its here
Bursting with love
For a life so near
A heart locked behind a wall
So scared like a battered child
For fear of another raised hand
Another bruise
Another locked door
It hides itself away
Waiting for the day
When its set free
The day love takes it away
To fields of flowers and trees
A clear blue sky
As free as a bird
It will sore up to the sun
Full of carefree love
No more pain and disappointment
No more depression or bruises
Guided by an angel
On the wings of love

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