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Hidden Love

The greatest task that I have had,
Was to pretend my feelings for you,
Were those that just a friend would have…
To act as if I didn’t love you.

It’s pain I feel, as my heart is yours,
Yet I charade as your true friend,
So to keeps such torture from taking over,
To paper, I take this pen.

To express the reasons I love you so,
And relieve my weary heart,
From having kept my love concealed,
I’ll begin from where it did start.

From the first day that I watched you,
All those years long past,
The effect it had upon me,
The way it touched my heart.

To the things you do that made me fall,
Into a love so true,
But my feelings are kept a secret,
And you remain without a clue,

Of how I love the way I feel,
When I see you in my day,
I love the way you blink your eyes,
In that slow, seductive way.

I love the way you react,
When you achieve the things you seek,
I love the way you move your lips,
As they form the words you speak.

I love that when you talk to me,
You’re honest and direct.
I love the way you poise yourself
As if you know that you’re perfect.

You could never know how much I care,
About what you go through,
When you smile, I smile, cry, I cry,
And when they break your heart, it breaks mine too.

Girls have come and girls have gone,
As boys have done for you,
The reason I never showed my love,
Is simple yet so true,

The fact remains I love you so,
As I begin to shed more tears.
I may never take the risk,
And lose you after all these years.

One day I’ll have to face my fears,
And I hope the days are few,
Until the time I realise,
That hidden love won’t lead to you.

Sunday 19th October 2003

by Marlon Harvie

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