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Hidden Scars Led To Hidden Soul

she walks around with her head so high.
she can be anybody's friend
and get any guy

people look up to her and thinks shes so grabd
but no one sees her go home and how
her dad pushes her down as she stands.

she'll un away from hinm and his beating hands
but he just folows her and keeps sending blows
she just hope that the scars wont show

when she gets back to school.she sees her 'loyal' boyfriend
he had found someone new abd cheated till their end.

the girl was breaking apart,
had no where to turn
so this urge inside her started to burn

that day, she NEVER returned, she ran
away for good. she swam down to the bottom of a lake and inhaled.

it was the only peace she could find

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Amazing peom Becca i really loved it