CB (1946 / Tennessee)

Hidden Treasure

Many of my years
were invested
In some struggle
to be free;
Never really
feeling whole,
just pretending
all was right with me.

Seeking answers
in other worlds
I willingly
paid the price,
and traded
all my youth
for sage advice.

The journey’s
been long
but at last
I am free;
my older,
wiser eyes
have finally
come to see
the only thing
that ever
held my soul
were the chains
inside of me.

The only
true freedom
for anyone’s soul
lies within
their very own heart,
but it takes
a lifetime to find
what we
always had
from the start.

by Carolyn Brunelle

Comments (2)

Not only reading your words but reading between them. Can tell you were of the flower generation when we were all trying to find answers. I am a little younger than you but I went through my hidden treasure years as well! I think every generation does but for us it was more pertinent. On the back of the second world war, going into Vietnam and the shadow of the bomb hanging over everyone. John Lennon was right. All you need is love. It remains the truth today. We never stop searching...but we do accept.
When you were born, have already something. People will ask you something else. You'll have to find it. Keeping your past, anyway. But you've written it better!