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Cause Of My Own Demise

I wake up every morning and look my killer in his eyes
Because I know that I'm the cause of my own demise
I know better but I can't see past foolish pride
My brain said so but all my heart does is sigh
My heart mustard up the tears to cry
But my brain told my heart I would rather die
We can't look weak in the eyes of the public
But we need to show the world that we are also loving
For what the world ain't never loved us
They did we just betrayed their trust
And we got afraid so all we did was rush (smh) away
Heart those are such stupid things to say
Brain what the hell that supposed to mean
I'm telling you that the world is mean
So you can really stopping living in our dreams
You can't find love in the birds that sing
I know it ain't no love in people and the problems they bring
Sigh, how you could say something like that
How could you not they throw down every chance they get
And I forgive them every time
How could forgive them and love those same people that shamed you
And how could live with such hatred
Then they both say that's way we wake up every morning and look our killer in his eyes
But I don't know which one will be the cause of my demise

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I recommend this one as well. It also has the clarity that a reader requires. The desire and the hidden want are hidden no more after this is read. This kind of expression does not often appear in writing, but it should more often. Truth between people is a good thing. Truth has a way of destroying lies. GW62
it's so beauuuuuuuuutiful melissa. romancing the gem of your heart. highly seducive.
i love the way u talk about your desires freely
A lustful desire hidden in the heart can be the most blissfully savored ecstasy one can possess in the hands of a true lover! A 10.