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Hidden Watcher. For M'; Lady Francesca
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Hidden Watcher. For M'; Lady Francesca

Hidden watcher.

The salt marsh stretches endlessly
and forms a perfect habitat
Where migrant birds nest in safety
to brood and raise a family.

Few hunters ever venture here,
because they fear the boggy ground
That’s noted for its treachery.
So most prefer to hunt elsewhere.

Bird watchers come the whole year round.
They only shoot with cameras
and they avoid the boggy ground
They know that rare birds can be found.

In the salt marsh beside the sea.
It is a twitcher’s paradise
They record meticulously
each and every bird they see

The salt marsh lies beside the sea.
As it has done since time began.
A panorama of rare beauty
That is changing constantly.

It changes as the seasons change.
I does not stay the same for long.
Nature can and does rearrange
to make the landscape look quite strange.

An eerie place and frightening
when covered by a dense sea fret.
When you can see and hear nothing
above the roar of waves breaking.

There’s nowhere I’d prefer to be
Than esconced in my favourite hide.
To watch the birds in secrecy
I can see them They can’t see me.

Sunday,15 August 2010.
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