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Hidden With In
JP (10/03/92 / Hadley)

Hidden With In

everyone has a good and a bad
The potential to justify and deminstrate the characteristicsa with in
the some come to find the peace and love hidden with in
And some just settle for whats given
to never stive for whats more
Tempted to know the possibilites
one enters the demetion of the betrovede soul
and then lost with out a single person by your side to hold you up
You begin to fall
Than whats the one thing you have lift the person with in
Can you master the powers that are needed to find the one within
Or will you forever fall into the demention of darknesss
Time used to be on your side
And now it mocks you as you run for the light
And then is once again stripped away from
You but still you run for shore.....! ! ! ! !

RRRRRUUUUNNNN....rrrruuunnnn... rruunn...run...ru.............

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