Hidden Within Weeds

This was a mystery, you can call it a great find.
When we climbed a wall and saw what was behind.
The wall was about six foot tall; so I used my brothers
back for a stall. Then with him being as strong as an ox
he jumped upon that wall like a prowling fox.
Over that wall we saw a garden of weeds and in
that garden a pond full of the tallest reeds.
The house was in ruin; a bad state of affairs.
We did not venture into the house in case we
fell down the stairs.
The garden was big like a summer field and the
grass was like wheat that had grown to yeild.
Poppies had grown and blown their seeds
they were growing in masses blending
in with the weeds.
We ran for our lives when we heard the bark of a dog.
Then my brother tripped, on what he thought was a log.
Instead it was a terracotta pot, oh' how it weighed a lot.
it had a coating of moss and it's top was chipped.
When we looked inside our curiosity was gripped.
There was a family of hedgehogs all sound asleep
the site of them really made us weep.We had disturbed
their home that had been there for years, that is why the pair
of us burst into tears.
We laid the pot down and made our way home, we also
said a prayer for the hedgehogs who lived in the Terracotta Dome.
We never went back to that place of weeds, our thought's would
always be reminded of our dirty deeds.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (2)

What a lovely adventure you had, I love old derelict houses and overgrown gardens, they hide something exciting. Great this one. Love Ernestine XXX
This is a great way to wake up on a Sunday morning! Full of adventure Sylvia.No dirty deed here, more of a clean write.Thankyou for sharing, Love Duncan