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Hidden Wolves
RD (07311956 / North Carolina)

Hidden Wolves

Poem By Rhonda Davis

There are wolves everywhere in the civilized world.
Hiding in the shadows, waiting for a victim to across their paths.
Sheep blindly drawn into the liar, unaware of the sharp nasty yellow teeth waiting to capture and kill, stained by the blood of the trusting and innocent.
They go to church, share your table, shop with you in the market.
They bare their young and teach them to hunt for the good of the pack.
Like a vampire who silently attacks in the cloak of night they stalk the fool and pounce before any counter attack can be made.
Quick and deadly is the kill, the prey left exposed and bleeding.
Look into the eyes around you, see them lurking.
Deceit gleams in the iris of the beckoning eyes hidden by the soft pupil luring the unsuspecting prey into the circle of the circle of trust.
The howl sings out with the soulful song of love and brotherhood hiding the true hatred.
Tongues that drip and drool with the saliva of the foolish.
Be aware and take care as you travel about your day. They are there living among you waiting to snatch you by the throat.


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