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Hide And Go Get It
KL (unknown / the womb)

Hide And Go Get It

Ladies! Ladies!

The male steel is in your world
Private and otherwise...
Once at the tender age

The male steel to you was like sage
A strong big pleasant scent, so plesant in fact
As that young woman you just had to re-act.

And from that day forth was a new road,
A new idea and a new feeling.

Yes! steel for the will...
The 'man trap' and woman's thrill.
Roll-Back the tape...

A woman has that which infatuates, intimidates and in most cases
still carry horns...
She has been name a pollard now and as men we know

There are no horns? ? ? ? ? or don't we?

So why do we show so much fear...
When the horn-less is near?
Speaking for me and me only....

I fear regulation and control of an affair
Out of thin air...
Speak of being 'shang-hai-ed'...That female gold mine

She will take you a trip through time...
Everytime and back again.
You need not ask how, why or when

Once you are in your adventure begins...
So my young brotheren be wise
Very wise when it comes to 'The Queen and her thighs'

Remember Adam always....you can't blame someone for what you
Truly know to be fact....and Adam knew for a fact...
Where that rule was at...

Yes! Eve's thighs to apply...and poor Adam could not deny.

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