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Hide And Seek

Dancing with the devil,
he slips you a cold one,
you return a favor,
as he takes you under..

Swirl in his domain,
a Taste of what you crave.
High emotion touching,
with laughter on display.

Seek a deeper image,
with demands unknown.
He surrounds the cage with fire,
as you sit ignoring the world.

Let his reach, Reach,
do sit quietly for the breach..
Perhaps it's what you're waiting for..
Another advantage, but who cares anymore.

Damaged goods,
Marked down in price,
The value used to be so high,
now lower than budget cuts,
and being 'alright'

Dancing with the demons,
you hold so dear..
Gripping on closer,
do you feel fear?

Ignorance is kind..
If you didn't already know what's on the other side.
The gates wide open,
as you slip through the cracks,
thinking it's the 8th world wonder.
Oh, you poor sap.

The fire is lit,
let the games begin..
How does it feel..
to sit in Sin.

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