Hide And Seek

Poem By Sara McDaniel

Within these moments,
We find ourselves,
Running, hiding, searching,
we find faith in all that is lost,
truth in all that can't be trusted

We feel,
as if nothing matters,
nothing can stop us,
We play hide and seek with ourselves,
hoping for peace in it all

We fall,
trying not to get to close to the edge,
Trying not to fall off,
Praying we don't lose ourselves

Gasping for air,
As the tide begins to rise,
fear vanishes into nothing,
playing hide and seek with us,
hide and seek with itself

Love vanishes into pure confusion,
Do we love anyone after this?
Should I trust anyone after this?
What if I don't make it out alive?

I break the silence,
Sitting up in bed suddenly,
Gasping for air that I seemed to have lost,
It was only a dream,
...But you are gone

Comments about Hide And Seek

Keep writing..not hiding, and seek! Thank you.
I enjoyed it. Thanks! To me, it gives a real female perspective on breaking up. Other blokes should read it too!

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