Hide And Seek

With the sound of a mighty drum
but one that has no skin
and beat with the trunk of an oak
that grew only in imaginations cloak.
Bigger than a pot that contains
all universal space and with no walls
just made of love that's All.
lasting longer than the time
it takes for counting every grain of sand
that ever rested on the land
and not constrained by this.
Nearer than the flesh that surrounds
your human breast.
Closer than you know
and in that knowing He did flow.
Not anything you can find
a quest as futile as if when blind
and bereft of hands
a needle in a haystack is to be found.
Not something that appears
by looking or using ears.
The more you look the further off
is the finding of;
that which is always here
the power behind the sight and ear.
It is as if He hides, you seek
but he that's looking that is He.

by David Taylor

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