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'Hide And Seek From The Shadows' Into The Night
P Poison 9901 (January 06,1960 - 'Not Yet' / )

'Hide And Seek From The Shadows' Into The Night

Tossed into the shadows, surrounded by shades of gray
This was all you knew, this place you learned to play.
A game of hide and seek, you learned to play it well
Deep down in the catacombs, with spider webs so frail

Exploring every chamber, you know every nook and cranny
Always knowing just where you are, your senses are uncanny
Stopping but for a moment, hearing the winds ghostly howl,
Sniffing the air intently, again you’re on the prowl.

Nestled deep among the vines, unmarked, and vaguely concealed
Moon beams fall thru and old well shaft, once said forever sealed.
Dust particles shimmer in the pale moon light, and then slowly fade away.
The change is coming quick, as you hastily begin to pray.

Pain rips thru your body as it slowly begins to transform,
This is only the beginning, of the nights impending storm.
Claws replace what use to be hands, with wings upon your back,
Eyes that glow an emerald green, penetrate the darkest of black

Jagged teeth, designed for killing, fulfill your thirst for blood.
This night will be written in history, and marked by a crimson flood
Darkness is your only friend, as the impending light will revel,
The path of death and destruction, marked by every soul you steal.

Take flight into the night air, to the place that you call home.
Somewhere deep under ground, somewhere, deep in the catacombs.
Until the night comes calling, in the shadows, you will stay
Playing hide and seek, between the nighttime and the day.

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