Hide Behind This Casket! ! !

Poem By Kumar Kumar

Every morning a boy would run behind a girl and ask,
i love you madam, can i see the face behind that mask,
it has been a year or so, since I'm coming behind you,
still i don't know what's in your mind going through.

You have covered yourself, leaving only open your eyes,
i truly love you my dear and I'm not like other guys,
please accept my love, so that i can see the angel behind,
you are my girl, a girl with beauty and grace combined.

The girl would stare at the boy and then go on her way,
deep inside he would think, can't she even tell a hey,
yelling he would say, 'Tomorrow i will be here again',
i won't leave you, until whats in your heart you explain.

Days went by, but still the girl doesn't reveal her face,
this romeo is not the one who is giving up this chase,
he keeps coming day after day, confessing his true love,
for him, she is his chosen angel sent by god from above.

One morning waiting for her, he felt his heart breaking,
with time running out rapidly, his heart started aching,
slowly he was realizing she is not going be by his side,
so he drank the poison in his hand and committed suicide.

The girl looked around, but couldn't find him any where,
she asked a man, where is the guy who always stood here,
the man said, he died and is being carried to burial ground,
shocked and submerged in grief, her heart stopped to pound.

Running to the graveyard, she saw the casket being lowered,
bending down, she revealed her face that was always covered,
I'm so sorry, i should have let you know that i loved you too,
but i just waited to see whether your love was indeed true.

Suddenly a voice from heaven said 'Hey! My Angel in disguise'
it is too late now, for my true you should have realized,
you hid yourself when in my hand i had that flower basket,
Now you are showing your face but its my turn to 'Hide Behind This Casket'.

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