High in the mountains
On the plains so flat
Lives a one eyed man
And a three legged cat
A little place
Nestled deep in the valley
Just him and his cat
His cat named Sally
He’s been there for years
On the edge of the beach
In his little log home
Just out’a reach
Bothering no one
Just him and his cat
He is content
To be where he’s at
In a one armed rocking chair
He sits on his porch
Illuminating the night
With a butane teaky torch
The near by desert
Provides plenty of heat
It keeps the cat busy
And out from under his feet
He’s a happy man
Living strictly off the land
The mountains deserted plains
And the hills sandy beaches are where it’s at
Just him and the land
And his three legged cat

by Poison 9901

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