IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

High And Free

Though magic mushrooms may transform
change your perceptions from the norm
then lead to flights of fantasy.
Escaping from reality.

Some prefer Acapulco Gold
to loosen up, let go their hold.
To drift and dream in mellowness
where nothing matters more or less.

Still others choose a line or two
of the White Lady takes them to
a place where they no longer care
about the burdens which they bear.

Whatever poison which they choose
I see as forms of self abuse.
I much prefer to meditate
Till I achieve an altered state

of mind which will set me free.
To create my own fantasy.
Poetry is my drug of choice
Triumphantly I can rejoice

and share the visions which I see
in black and white poetically.
I suffer from no side effects
which every addict must expect.

I get as high on poetry
as I would ever want to be
I dream but I dream lucidly.
I can control my fantasy.


by ivor or ivor.e hogg

Comments (4)

Ivor this is a very enjoyable read, and I agree. For myself meditation and intelligent conversation take me to those higher places.
Hi Ivor! ! Your Addiction is very addictive to us also! ! Great read! ! *10*! ! Best regards - Friend Thad
Stunning write Ivor. Have to agree with you wholeheartedly. Poetry is an addiction, I can't get enough... and meditation is the drug of choice too. Well done you, I think you've been raiding my thoughts at some stage..... HG: -) xx
You've obviously learned to master your addiction! Martin