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(high) ...On Expectations
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(high) ...On Expectations

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

There are those who have a need,
To brag and boast about their abilities.
Mostly embellished to exaggerate.
And accomplished usually unwitnessed.
Or remembered by anyone,
Told through rumors had been physically...
Present and on the scene.

"I was where and did what? "

Yet, and for whatever the reason...
These 'braggarts' can easily pass,
The B.S. test.
And believed to be picked to sit,
In positions of leadership.
To brag and boast.
With wine glasses to toast,
Incredible achievements.

Those embarrassed by decisions,
Made while intoxicated.
Admit quietly they can not believe,
How sips of wine...
Can inebriate their minds.
Finding pleasurable,
The quality of being undeniably deceived.
And knowing after recovering,
From stupors to indulge.
It is the people they must convince,
Ignorance played no part...
Of their choices to have picked.
"Under the circumstances! "

Can any one of you tell us,
What were those circumstances.-

Our selection committee,
High on expectations.
And overwhelmed with qualified candidates.
Those presenting documented facts,
Lacked a willingness to brag and boast.
The chairman of our prestigious group,
Suggested we needed folks...
More familiar with obtaining,
Demographic ratings.
Media coverage.
And sponsors with the 'bucks'.
Enabling us to market a new direction."

What has this to do,
With the process of governing.
And producing competent and reliable leaders? -

Cut us some slack.
That was tried in the last administration.
With no controversies.
No scandals.
And no dirt to find on cheating spouses.
Leaving us no choice,
But to stay updated with the demands...
Of the younger generation.
Under the circumstances,
That should explain the decisions we've made."

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