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High On Painkillers Or An Ode To Percodan And Vicodin

If i were not left to suffer and could leave this world at once
I wouldn't still wander aimlessly behaving like a dunce
If only my spirit could escape from here and travel off to the stars
I would cease to seek solace in liquor
And no more comfort in bars
I can't just say I'm not happy on earth
But i've found the source of my pain
Inside my head the weather report is always drizzle and rain
You couldn't cure my despondency
You couldn't do it a year ago
But amongst all my pain and madness
There's something u now can know
I can't disclose the depth of suffering
I wouldn't know where to start
Suffice it to say
It began on the day
I loved your beauty with all my heart.
beau golden

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This is heartrendingly beautiful Beau. I know exactly where you are coming from. The date is way back, but I bet the heart still skips a beat in remembering? Giving all your heart is a dangerous pursuit. And I bet you have not given it away completely since? As to the pain killers and booze. We all get through somehow, and everything has it's use. We just have to make sure, it doesn't turn to abuse. Smiling at you, Tai