SM (May 23 1991 / )

High School

The halls are crowded with people yelling
Teachers falling over their bags fulled with useless infomation
you would think that it is better than home
but you would rather sit in your domain
watching buffy and eating gummy worms

Over to your right are the jocks flirting with the geeks
and to your left are the rejects asking out the Plastics
has my world left me in its confusing path
Finally the annoying bell rings
calling us like animals
which we are no doubt

A couple hours later lunch comes
and your fear comes true
there is no where to sit
but the wet grass
with ants biting at your skin
you'd wish the day would end
but your remember that this day
will just repeat it self
so you sit down on the grass
thinking: This is High School? ? ? ?

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Comments (2)

ugh..ive got 2 more years of that...i empathize
mmm... I remember those days... I just graduated from high school and now with all the pressure to go to college I dont know, I just wanna sit in my room all day. its crazy how fast it all went. I dont know how you feel but that is how I feel. Becca