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High School Names


I bet you are confused by this
It wouldn’t surprise me
Only the children of this world
Can truly understand what this is

The boy down the street understands
The foreign exchange student understands
The popular girl understands
The smart boy next door understands

For most people do not know their names
Just the labels that they have been given
The labels that will stay with them
The labels that will make or break them

The ‘paranoid’ boy
Always thinking his friends are talking about him
Hearing silent whispers
Listening to the rumours that do not exist

The ‘anorexic’ girl
Who does not believe she is under weight
Starving herself every meal time
Hoping to get the perfect figure

The ‘dancer’ boy
Bullied for doing something he enjoys
Made to believe that there is something wrong with him
For having a hobby that does not involve football

The ‘Russian’ girl
Coming to a new school
And being isolated from everyone
Not being able to speak the language

The ‘smoker’ boy
Made to follow the trend by those closest to him
Everyday smoking more
And everyday killing a little bit more of his sole

The ‘self-conscious’ girl
Not wanting to wear a belt like skirt
Wanting to cover herself up
Scared about the way everyone sees her

The ‘geek’ boy
Picked on for being smart
For actually having some academic goals
For wanting to succeed

The ‘tart’ girl
Given a name that isn’t true
Just because she likes to go out
Pressurised into things by her friends

The ‘fat’ boy
Called all his life
For being different on the outside
But he’s the same on the inside as anyone else

High school names
Given to high school kids
These names can make the kids
Or break them.

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I love this...has being in high school, , , every body has a label of a hoe or a fake i hate it and wish it change but then i think of it and say its only high school
I think the first section would be better in verse form to compliment the rest of the poem, but otherwise, you write a very poignant statement on what 'Bullying' actually is. My boy has had this problem with regard to his fathers death some years ago, the same boy then and again now. I and the school at the time, should have dealt with him more severelly, hence saving my boy the equally painful distress of his repeated, lower than low bully tactics. Bullying of the nature you describe, I have fought against it seems, all my life. Not 24/7 luckily because most people do grow up eventually. I think you could develop the title, giving it more power and readership attraction. It starts way before High school imo. Thanks for sharing it. Tai