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High School Slinger
OAS (16/02/1976 / Bellshill, Scotland)

High School Slinger

Poem By Omar Ali Sabar

She was a high school slinger
Six times winner. She's the
dame of all the books that you'd read
She'd rub against your shoulder
Oh so much bolder, you'd hang on
everything that she said

You'd never see slimmer
But she craved to be thinner
Those magazines really got to her head
Face painted pale,
Her tonsils' evil blare
She made sure that she always got heard

She's a Ballroom swinger
Kareoke singer. She's the epitimy
of all that I dread
Her face a bit older,
A heart getting colder
How will you ever get fed?

Now she's a real Hum-dinger
A fiesty city minger
There's one thing you'll have to accept
On her roads to decieve
She still spreads her disease
Never leaving a heart unbled

So don't try to win her
Till you learn how to sting her
You'll be sleeping in an empty bed
For she'll take all your money
Then run to her Mummy
And leave you with a hole in your head

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Comments (25)

This is a great poem :)
Omar...I take back all I said..You are REALLY the new bard..Doff my cap to you this is Fandabadozy. Oh and its written with style, humour, elan and...oh well its just too bloody good. Sid.
Wonderful....very pleasing rhythm....great write..10+++++
Beautiful. I enjoyed reading your poem. You are lucky.
Very well expressed! Thanks! best regards, joan d.h.