White on the ground and cicles
from the roof
Trees of ice and vehicles are

one inch solid
All is white
From building top to ground
No breeze or no sky or no birds

or no sound
All is still
With a sudden crack the lightening
splits the sky
In many directions roaring
From one side of the sky to the other

Shaking of the ground
Ice shatters from trees and roofs and
from everywhere
Hitting the ground

Sounds echo of popping and snapping
and cracking
Sheets falling off of sides and tops
Sounding like a war is on us

The ground and sky shakes and roars
No safe place to step
A bird flies through the sky screeching
Flying in waves and screaming
Beware the snowthunder comes

by sarah stites

Comments (2)

I think its called a sensory image..ya.. im pretty sure.....this poem has aloy of them.....helps you to really imagine it.
Pete, This was fantastic. I could imagine laying awake listening to the ocean's call as I read it.