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High Time
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High Time

The track you make is budding
Your poisonous deviancies spread
The innocent kids are all watching
Only a sociopathic cancer was bread

Apprehension seeping
This venom running up the spine
Your tightrope is tied to nothing
Pride is dignified as swine

It's high time for the filth
High time for corruption
High time for the bane
Right time for affliction

Radical street propaganda
The grotesque indecent charade
Intrusion of the scantily clad
In comes the gay rights parade

And the lines converge where we stand
They're moving the standard line
Norms evolve beneath our feet
Opinions sway as they're inclined

High time for contamination
It's high time for the bane
High time for profanation
Reaching the pinnacle of shame

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