Highlighting An Observation

For themselves,
There is a need to create competitors.
To see a competing done between,
Different influences.
You know...
To feed conversations,
In cliques and forums...
Focusing attention,
To eventually infuriate themselves.

To do this with such dedication.

They have a need to do this,
Since their egos are the only ones wounded.
Although it is believed,
The opposite infflicted affects someone else.
But that 'someone' just notices, laughs...
Without addressing this,
To submit 'reflections' to then leave.

'If you are not addressing it,
What do you call what you are doing? '

I call it,
Highlighting An Observation.
With a donating of comments that are 'sidebarred',
That will be intended for a mention or two...
To ruffle a few feathers.

'Leave it just as 'Highlighting An Observation'.
The other part is too wordy.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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