Highly Favored

I will never understand,
Or with intent pretend to comprehend...
Those who claim to have beliefs,
But from them no faith is released.
Although preaching to others is what they seek.

I hear people talk about what it is they fear.
But fear they keep and with them near.
I see people do unto others first.
And then loudly protest against what they deserve.
With a hoping their words by empathizers are heard.

I witness those who stab others in the back.
And these are the same ones,
Who character assassinate as a routine to do that.
With a declaring themselves to be victims too,
To whomever listens not knowing who...
They may have screwed over while looking over shoulders.

And over and over people like this choose,
Deception over truth to hide what it is they do.
Until they are found limping around on crutches and canes,
Claiming themselves to be highly favored and show no shame...
To believe whatever it is they perceive is convinced of their lies.

'The Lawd knows my faith in 'Him' is unshakened.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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