Highs And Lows Of Growing Attractions

Poem By SarahLouise Malone

when starting into the forces of attractions
desperation is at it's peek
just to kiss and touch, easing satisfactions
out of control needs to seek

at first everythins timid
but then the fire burns and blasts shyness
eliminating every limit
it is all a slow dangerous blindess

when he enters you it's easy to tell,
he carresses your body, kisses your kneck
sshh before daddy comes and gives ye hell
never thought it could be so good, a simple lick

yes that is the dreams i've been dreamin
so embaressed when i wake
though my smile is wide, teeth gleamin'
as i wish you were here my virginity for you to take

to take me into to you close
so you could have me, handle me
hold me like a delicate rose
still awake wanting that sweet ecstacy

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I have to say your far better then me good luck with your next poem

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