Can’t think of what to say, when I tread this road
No matter it seems, the method I seem to erode
Onwards to face a future, uncertain of this now
Not sure how I’m to plan things, as I state my vow

I think of another way, when all else that mattered
Has gone and vanished, in circumstances rendered
Lost and confused, not knowing where I am bound
Trying to suppress the hurt in me, without a sound

Everything is so much chaos, in a silenced virtuosity
When in ones mind it is clear, except spoken ability
To embrace the soul of another, to tell how this feels
When knowing that the truths hurt, only in me reveals

If be this path for me, so much planned now so lost
So many dreams and ideas, shattered bridge I crossed
A tempo never ends, like the virtual turning of time
Forces me to face a world, on punishment of no crime

Can’t be the perfection, that this world expects of me
As above all else I’m as human as you, can you not see?
That this place here is not, for the single eyed perceptive
As I am so played down, in my own natural receptive

Seems I wander on, upon the dirt track I can never stay
When no action unhindered, goes without a price to pay
And self realisation is rammed down my throat again
By the ones that dictate, frequently misunderstand the pain

A heavy load upon my back, immeasurable to my heart
That aches within my soul, and cries to be torn apart
As to let no one else recognise, this face from this day
That my lonely feet tread, my journey upon this highway

by Vision Ghost

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This is fantastic. So true to life, when we look back on what might have been, we always have regrets