Highway Language

Highway language

From Finch to Leslie
-I turn left heading south
-heading for Four-O-One

On such ways; the highways
-millions travel everyday

As do deaf and the dumb
-drivers have signal

For "Turn right, "
For "Turn left, "
For "Caution or danger, "

Language is the same
-must know it drivers
-and they do

Like any other tongue
-one knows more and one less

You miss word or signal
-next person gets involved
-polite or impolite

Yesterday a car came
-passed and went in front
-repeated signaling left and right
-I noticed my mistake
-my signal was left on,
- (I did cause sort of doubt!)

Admired that approach
-was great and polite

The tongue of driving
-is one of ever best
-is the same for us all
-overcomes the cultures
-treating age, genders
-equal, equal, equal

by Nassy Fesharaki

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