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Highway To Hell
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Highway To Hell

Poem By Thivanka Perera

Your ego needs to be deflated,
Thrown to heap and incinerated.

Your dark heart should be lit
Alongside your immoral clit.

Ashes to ashes to ashes.

Last night too I dreamt of ethics;
Of your wantonness and faithlessness
Continued perennially into the night
Fell beyond the precipice
Directly into hell.—

I hear it’s hot down there…
Only you would know
As you being the devil’s advocate.

Just like Sylvia you would rise up
To 103 degrees, maybe more
Since your sins are beyond

But hell is the place for you,
And the devil is presumably gorgeous
In appearance.—

So too is your decadence.

You would carouse with the devil,
Have lots of children:
Evil babies to bequeath thy hierarchy.

They too will walk the earth in
Human guise,
Will deceive the weak
Will murder and decimate morality
Forever into ashes to ashes to ashes.

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WHO are you to judge the others like this. first look at yourself? ! do you think you are that innocent...? ! just GOD knows what is inside us.