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Hilaire Belloc

Born in a Village near Paris in eighteen seventy and he went to the Reaper in nineteen fifty three
And in his most amazing life he was for awhile a British M P
But it is mostly as a great writer that he is remembered today
He may be dead for half of a century but his genius with us will stay.

He had feelings and he had humour he was everybodys poet
At poetry readings and literary gatherings lines from him young writers quote
A down to earth sort of a fellow though he scaled the heights of literary fame
One of literatures great characters Hilaire Belloc was his name

He lampooned the upper classes which hurt his literary career
Yet in death the fame of Hilaire Belloc is growing a little every year
In his Cautionary Tales and Children Verses mirth and humour does abound
Amongst the humorists of literature better than him not to be found.

Hilaire Belloc still a legend his works doesn't have a use by date
In the annals of prose and poetry he lives as an all time great
One of the great writers of his era in literarures golden time
And known to be as great as any when he was in his literary prime.

by Francis Duggan

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