Hill Ride...

Riding on the way towards the hill,
Hanging up the rocks so tough;
Walkin so lone so upset,
Tryin to trace the beats of love;

Miles up the hill I stretch, bearin the bite,
Of all the creepy fringes of thorn,
No way down t6o get back too,
Climbin on pursuit of a love unseen;

Except for the path I walk its all green around,
With a sun so warm and a sky so blue;
Wonder am I cursed?
For jus loving someone so true;

Temperature drops, legs shake,
Yet heart chanting her name;
Like a wounded bird,
I proceed with the spirit so same;

Walked until I reached a place,
With a sign board in a broken frame,
Engraved n it was a killer message,
Spare ur life & see love on ur grave…

by Arun Achudh

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