HB (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)

Hills And Dales Hospital Staff

Hills and Dales Hospital Staff

I went to the hospital, all sick and hurting,
I needed some help, that was for certain,
I opened the door, and fell into a chair,
the nurse said hey 'fall over here',
so I stumbled on over to where she sat,
she took one look and said whats up with that,
I tried to tell her my tale of woe,
just then my neice she walked in the door,
she gave them my particulars, while they treated me,
with great respect, I felt hopefully,
they took temps and pressures and all of the stuff,
they made sure, I was running no bluff,
but still all the while, I was treated so kind,
they are that kind of people, I was too find,
they took me up the stairs to my very own room,
tucked me into bed, before I started too swoon,
they poked and they jabbed and oh how they prodded,
but somehow still my head often nodded,
wasn't long before they brought me some food,
it brightened my spirits and lightened my mood,
all through the long night they checked on me often,
then I knew this old heart was starting to soften,
for the ladies of mercy showed that they cared,
with all the tender mercies they willingly shared,
if ever again, I am starting to fail, the hospital I choose,
will be Hills and Dales.

written by Harry Bryant
for the staff at Hills and Dales hospital
Cass City, Michigan

by Harry Bryant

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a really captivating piece of well written poetry here Harry.i was lost in the read