Hills And Dales.

Strolling over hills and dales,

Wandering through the land of Wales.

Groves of ash I passed on my way,

Tall trees in the wind did sway.

Ferns luscious in their coats of green,

Wild flowers many I have never seen.

A glory opening to my wondering eyes,

At each turn and bend some new surprise.

Villages enchanting to behold,

A few quite new many very old.

With here and there ruins of stone,

Reminding me that I am alone.

Alone on a journey of my choice,

Good reason for my soul to rejoice.

I realised that it soon must end,

My mind sorrowful thoughts did send.

I must return to my daily routine,

Happy and thankful for all I have seen.

Nature had shown me yet once again,

That she alone had the power to keep me sane.

by Bernard Shaw

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