RW (23 Aug / London)


His Eyes Look Soft, Hair Is Dark
Every Time I See Him I Feel That Spark
He Seems A Tough One, A Real Bad Guy
Just Once I’d Like Him To Notice Me, Maybe Even Try

Even With The Baggy Jeans I Think He Has The Style
Just The One Glance He’s The Best By A Mile
All The Lads Together, Playing Pool & Drinking Beer
Think He’s Way Outta My Depth, But I Won’t Shed A Tear

Has A Tattoo On Right Shoulder, Small But Hot
Saw It That Night Out At Their Spot
Also An Earring He Has Got
Does He Ever Notice Me I Think Not

The Gate Crashed Party Was First Time We Seen Him
She Seen Him First I Thought He Looked Pretty Dim
But Then That Time On Good Friday
All The Guys Down By The Chalet

He Caught My Eye, Was Quite A Guy
I Couldn’t Speak, Couldn’t Even Try
Sat By The Car Drinking Booze
Oh The Charisma He Did Ooze.

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