Poem By careema cooper

A feeling of constriction in my chest has made it impossible to breathe.

...he has made it impossible to breathe.

He inffected and swallowed my mind,

injecting words full of poisoness venom...

without a single dropp of hesitation.

With deep, cruel intentions,

he reached for the air i inhaled...

snatching breath from within my body.

Animosity erupted.

Pain flew through me.

Distress then rose.

Tears were born.

And now,

he kisses my brow with blood stained lips.

He touches me with palms set to destroy.

With blurry eyes, I look away....

Daring not to glance.

Every tear formed is the fault of him.

With every tear drop, I break,
then physically...

His fingers are tighly laced through mine,

but so gently,

while mines fall so loose.

So limp and dangling, forcefully strung through his.

Full of love and regret,
he attempts to kiss me.

Full of anger and hurt,
I decline his mouth.

New lips can't kill the sadness...

...Nor can new hands mitigate the pain.

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