Poem By Natasha Williams

I can't never seem to get him off my mind
Day in and out
This love I feel I have no dout
Sometimes we argue and get mad
There are also times when we are sad
Sad about our past
But now the pain and hurt are leaving so fast
Its not much longer the pain can last
Because the power of my love for him
And the power of my his love for me
Is taking over my heart
Before I met him my life was falling apart
Thoughts in the back of my head are now coming clear
As I look in the mirror on my face slides a tear
What I feel I can't explain
My tears release joy and pain
The tears will no longer fall down my face
Because I have him to embrace
To hold at night
So very close and tight
To death do us part
He will always have my heart

Comments about Him

the feeling of love is felt in this write, what a wonderful away to express your feelings than in a poem young lady. Scott
What a very sweet poem Natasha good job

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