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Poem By Morgan Mills

He's so perfect in my eyes.
He's so intelligent,
so bright,
He's everything that i want to be,
everything i love, ...and hate.
He smiles all the time,
but it never meant to much to me
...until now.
He's always been there for me
even when i didn't know it.
He is just...perfect,
words cannot explain it.
she said that she loves him,
that they shouldn't have broken up,
but she doesn't love him like me.
No one does.
No one knows how much i need him,
how much i want him to be happy.
exept him...he always knew.
but maybe he doesn't,
because i've loved him more in the last 8 months,
then i have my whole life.
I want to hold him,
always, and never let go,
because that boy is just like me.
In everyway, but better.
I love him....love,
what a powerful word, when you actually mean it.
and you know the sad thing?
we both know that tommarrow morning,
He will leave me.

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i really love this poem. it is sweet and shows how some people feel! great! ! !