AL (05-29-91 + still living / Wake County, NC)


Couldn’t see HIS lips move when HE talk
While I was determined not to walk
Walk beside HIM in HIS journey
Like a broke person wanting money
Fading away inside of society
Not being able to have choice of variety
HE searched for me when HE was in the dark
While HE’S still stuck in the dark
HE saw me fade back into society
While I had the choice of variety
HE disappeared without my knowledge
For HE didn’t have my courage
Wondering where... he
Became unknown inside me
HE... HE... He ... he
He was my thief
The last person on earth
That was buried under dirt
Sleeping the life away
Waiting for that day
That I would join him
Join him... In the light that’s dim
The reaper gave me a choice
So that I could have a voice
But knowing what would never be
Made my eyes open to see
That I have another chance
To not make the same mistake with my chance
To escape the ordinary
And become extraordinary
HE came back to start my life over
So that my life wouldn’t be covered
With grief of who I might had become
Making me flexible as gum
Until the day I disappear off this earth
And be buried under dirt
Putting me up to the challenge
I’m up for the ... challenge
The start up for a new life
HE removed the knife
And decided to let me go
Leaving me the best wishes to grow
Like a plant with the right care
That grows tall into the air

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