Him! ...Who? ...He!

Don't you get so obsessed,
To forget what's important to you.
Remember that.
And apply that message,
Where it applies.

'What is that suppose to mean?
What are you talking about? '

I don't know,
I just deliver them.

'Deliver what? '


What kind of messages?
And from whom? '

You know?
Messages from Him.

Him who? '

You know.
Him! ...Who? ...He!

'Hem Wu Hees?
That Chinese Restaurant? '

Naw, man!
Forget it.
Forget I said anything to you.
Have a good day.

'You tell them,
My liking General Tso chicken...
Is not for public announcement.
Deliver 'that' message.
And you stay out of my business.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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