Poem Hunter
KN (13th December 1993 / Singapore)


The sky is dark
the moments are bleak
where can I find the peace I seek

The rain pours down
in the many shades of gray
leaving me astounded, nothing to say

confusion looms
hearts of stone
thoughts like that chill me to the bone

face the truth
strip away all lies
find the person deep inside

why the anger
why the hate
why are we getting into heated debates?

needing people
needing things
needing the saneness that it brings

my misjudgment
my mistake
my smile on my face is so very fake

looking at myself
I feel so dumb
what great monster have I become?

give it a day
give it two
give it the days to see it through.

In the tunnel
where's the light
or maybe I've just lost my sight

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