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JK (1784-1856 / Jamaica)

Hint To The Poets

Brother Bard! if dream thou nourish,
Thro' new fancy or new truth,
'Mid the sons of fame to flourish,
Thou must lean on heart of youth.
Youth is eager; youth—elastic;
Plieth both to old and new.
Age deems all, but old, fantastic;
And doth 'novel gaud' eschew.
Youth, as yet of time unthrifty,
Poet's song will stay to hear.
Bent on business grey-beard Fifty
To the charmer stops his ear.

Bring us back your wandering Homer!
Glorious pedlar—poem-pack'd!
Midas old shall greet the Roamer
With a clause from Vagrant Act.
Count not on your fresh creation!
Living Homer begged his bread.
'Twas a second generation
Twined its wreath for Homer—dead.

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