Hip Hoppin'

So sad the world...
So cruel the fate that comes to creep
Upon those awaiting signals to advance
Abrupt revengeful rituals!
Hiding hearts changing inside minds
Prepare arrangements to binge on despair
Without romance or dreamtime!
Aging once youthful limbs attack
Steep stairs burden with cares that focus
On tit for tat encounters born on concrete stoops.
Nothing can change this self-righteous lust for losing,
Ready to boot quickly made babies
With designer shoes down unkept littered steps.
These are our children abusing bleak futures
Tweaked on weed that choke nature's purpose
As remnants of reason seeps from rhythmic beats
On streets in a world too hip that's 'down'
With hoppin' away from common sense!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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