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His 11th, Her 11th, My 11th
RG (March,31st 1977 / Monrovia, Liberia)

His 11th, Her 11th, My 11th

Poem By Reginald Goodridge

Double the ones,
can't add or subtract
standing beside(s)
we over-react

his was first
in 1950 somthing
the west of the west
secrets of mumbling

her's was next
in 1970 somthing
the south of peninsula
same secrets mumbling

mine was their day
wrapped under
the mayors office
kissing, feeling, blunder?

sweet and tasty
breasts, eyes, neurons
licked ears
for their clarion

people watching
being seen
publicly 1-on-1
the 11th(s) dream

his was nice
calling, smiling
reaching over
ocean dialing

her's was cool
sat at, eaten
'round table
egos beaten

mine was muse
sexy and young
being bad
for more than one

the 11th a day
just like any other
1 on 1 to them
our secrets, I mumbler

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