Adam's Poem

I felt it from the very start
My love for you, it fills my heart
It grows and grows with every day
I know our love will never fray

I love you to the sun and back
Being apart makes my heart crack
I wish we never had to part
Although you're always in my heart

Your smell's the best i've ever smelt
Your touch, it makes my body melt
So does the way you look at me
'Cause we were always meant to be

When we were young I thought you hot
And through the years I never forgot
Who'd have thought after all this time
We'd fall in love and you'd be mine

But truly it was worth the wait
All my life 'til our first date
Kissing behind the trees and truck
I honestly can't believe my luck

I guess that what i want to say
Is I love you forever and always
You're the bestest anyone's ever had
Now i've got you I am so glad

by Alyssa Parr

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...........wonderful poem...he must be a woodpecker ★