Money Money Money.....

it is yours
i know it is yours
i know it will never be mine

do not misinterpret me
i never wish it could be mine
i advise you
i do not wish it to be mine

i only wish that you should have kept it forever

now you have chosen to part with it
now you perish with it

God bless you.
i must have mine too but i must work hard for it.

God bless you.
i am never its slave

you have become another foolish hoarder
God bless you. God forgive you.

It has made you the most selfish
miser in the world.

I have no wish but to have a little only.
I will spend it. And then i am free.


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friends, will tell you that she was the fastest of craft, not to be challenged for spe
Nicely done tribute to a boat. Thanks for posting.
Not to be challenged for speed! ! Thanks for sharing.
But that’s past: now hidden away here she ages quietly and offers herself to you, Castor and his brother, heavenly touching and impressive. Beautiful poem.
Such a wonderful description of how something inanimate became a living entity 'she ages quietly and offers herself to you'
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