LA (June 8,1991 / Toronto)

His Bonnie On The Side

Drinking pink lemonade in the car at the train station
waiting for him as he finishes is race
and the sun is brighter even if it's not love.

He's not in love with me
it's not a big deal though
you don't have to understand
except that he's still my favourite person

I am queen of my world
He leads his own
and well he can be mean sometimes
but he brings out the very best in me,
like I've never known such laughter
or been this kind of happy.
I am free to be whoever I am
or whoever it is I wish to become.

like a spanish princess
or someone's hearts delight

Let the good times roll
that old fashion rock and roll
As you have mine, I just want to inspire your soul.

I know I said I used to care,
but you got me thinking,
who needs the starring role?

by Leah Ayliffe

Comments (1)

A fully appropriate and clever title for this piece. The sun is brighter even if it's not love He brings out the very best in me ... I once heard said that if you come across something that doesn't make you completely miserable, try enjoy it while it lasts