S ( / NYC)

I Think I'Ve Lost You For Real.

You and me, me and you.
This with us, just isn't true.
We fight, we flirt.
You treat me like Dirt.
But i still never leave you.

Me and.. me
I couldnt see, what was happening.
I hate you, i really do.
'Don't ever talk to me again! ' i say.
But i don't mean it, i still love you.

I feel bad 'bout what i said,
But you hurt me, i felt dead.
I wanna be friends but it's too late.
It's true that best friends shouldnt date.

I want life the way it use to be.
Me and you, best friends can't you see?
Not having you as a friend, is hard to deal.
I think i've lost you for real..

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wow i love this one almost as much as i like meanut butter and jelly
I love it even more Two Thousand Seven Years latter and some cannot figure such out Good write
Very articulate, your gettin better each day :)
Love it